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Thank you for shopping with MOD Beauty Supply. Selling natural skin & hair products is our specialty. We specialize in creating products that are organic and 100% natural with no chemicals added. 

Living healthy is not just what you eat, but also what you use in your hair and skin. Our organic products will not only make your skin and hair more luxurious, but it"s also good for your health.

We are proud to annouce that our natural hair & skin products are now available at Kimyon's Beauty Supply in Archdale, NC!



Mod Beauty Supply Shop

Our shop is located in Yokosuka, Japan and we have been open to the public since 2016. Mod is short for modern, and in Japan we have created a unique beauty niche to service all nationalities. Our store primarly carries wigs, hair extensions, and styling tools.

We also pride ourselves is being the very few places to get ethnic styling tools and extensions.

Japan Location

Oodaki Chou 1-19 Ishi Bldg 2F Yokosuka, Japan 238-008

U.S. Location

Headquarters: 116 W 7th Ave Roselle, NJ 07203







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